Special offers from Caramel Massage Salon

Special offers from Caramel Erotic Massage Salon in Lutsk

  • A unique offer! At Caramel in Lutsk, you can get a free scalp massage if you visit one of the massage sessions in our salon. The offer is valid on weekdays from 8:00 to 15:00.
  • Stay with us for three hours and get a discount (check at the reception). The offer is also valid after the fifth hour of erotic massage.
  • Customers with a VIP Guest Card have permanent 5% discount. If you come with a friend or acquaintance who has not visited us before, you get a 10% discount and if you bring 2 guests with you, your discount will increase to 20%. Special offers at Caramel in Lutsk are only valid upon presentation of the VIP Guest Card.

We are open day and night seven days a week to provide you with a possibility to receive a dose of tranquility and harmony at all times.

Please note that we do not provide sexual services in our parlor.