Angelic Massage

Duration of Angelic Massage in Lutsk – 1 hour 
Cost of Angelic Massage in Lutsk – 900 UAH

Thai massage technique is hidden in the Angelic massage technique. Its main difference is its intimacy. Our lovely masseuse, calling into play all her skills, will perform the Angelic Massage, using not only her hands, but also her sensual lips ... Among the attributes of this massage are feathers and their downy tips in addition to velvety fingertips of the masseuse gently sliding all over your body. At the climax of the Angelic erotic massage the elements of body2body massage are used (the masseuse will use her breasts, belly and buttocks). The sensual beginning of the Angelic Massage prepares you for the exquisite pleasure you will get during the second part of the session.

Angelic Massage is characterized by lightness and sensuality. Your masseuse can leave her delicate and intimate touches in the most unexpected places on your body causing vivid emotions and leading to unforgettable relaxation.