Body Long

Duration of "Body Long" erotic program in Lutsk - 1 hour 
Cost of "Body Long" erotic program in Lutsk - 800 UAH.

The “Body Long” erotic massage technique is an exclusive program based on a classical body massage. At the session, you will experience a colorful range of delights that the erotic part of massage gives, but before that you will be given a set of classical techniques aimed at relaxation of your muscles and taking your mind off the ado.

The most intriguing and desirable part of the massage is accompanied by gentle stroking of your body with full breasts of your masseuse. She will make you feel a splash of emotions touching you with her buttocks, belly ... During the session you will enjoy the gentle hands of your masseuse stroking the most intimate parts of your body. There’s where the advantages of the "Body Long" technique are concealed. Skilled caresses of your masseuse will make you experience a blissful state of ecstasy at the end of the session.