Imperial Massage

Duration of Imperial Massage in Lutsk – 1 hour 15 minutes
Cost of Imperial Massage in Lutsk – 900 UAH

During the Imperial Massage a beautiful masseuse will massage every inch of your body with incredible care and attention. The massage is focused on relaxing your muscles. You can have a glass of champagne and enjoy the whole process. Your daily life problems will remain far behind. As an addition to the Imperial Massage, the girl will also give you scalp massage helping to remove the burden of domestic problems and concerns as well as get rid of upsetting thoughts. The Imperial Massage is delicate and delightful, full of caressing touches, hugging and sensational moves. You will feel like an emperor and even better in the company of sweet and sexy woman. At Caramel in Lutsk, the Imperial Massage will become the best sensual experience in your life!