The Moment of Bliss

Duration of The Moment of Bliss Massage in Lutsk – 30 minutes
Cost of The Moment of Bliss Massage in Lutsk – 500 UAH

The Moment of Bliss is another massage technique that you can try in our Caramel salon in Lutsk. It is especially recommended for people who experience regular mental and physical loads as without proper rest these lead to stress and nervous exhaustion. Look at the world around you from a different perspective, visit our parlor and treat yourself to the Moment of Bliss. As a rule the Moment of Bliss is preferred by visitors who are amidst a constant flow of events. That is why we have sufficiently reduced the massage session leaving only the best of it, namely body2body massage. The Moment of Bliss at Caramel in Lutsk is performed daily from 10 to 16.