Thai massage

Duration of Thai massage in Lutsk – 1 hour
Cost of Thai massage in Lutsk – 800 UAH

The historic birthplace of Thai massage is Thailand. Thai massage is a unique and valuable massage technique that aims to control your internal energy, as well as order your thoughts. In our erotic massage salon Caramel, the described technique is a complex erotic massage aimed at healing your body and raising your sexual tone. The basis of this ancient technique is soft stretching of muscles which facilitates functioning of ligaments, joints and tendons. Our masseuses skillfully take off the effects of weariness, fatigue and stress. Thai massage is aimed at awakening human energy zones. Immediately upon completion of Thai massage, our charming girls will give you an erotic set of procedures. They will expertly use their hands to guide you on a sensual journey of letting go and surrendering. They will lead you to a heightened awareness of sensation as you allow yourself to be fully immersed in the simple experience of pleasure.